The Chrome DevTools logo. Prefetch Demo Page 1

This page is a demo of the prefetch feature that shipped in Chrome DevTools in Chrome 77.

  1. Open chrome://version and make sure that you're on Chrome 77 or later. This feature doesn't exist on earlier versions of Chrome.
  2. Open the Network panel of Chrome DevTools.
  3. Uncheck the Disable Cache checkbox in the Network panel.
  4. In the Network panel note how prefetch2.html and prefetch2.css were requested even though they're not used on this page. This happened because of the <link rel="prefetch" href="/wndt77/prefetch2.html"/> and <link rel="prefetch" href="/wndt77/prefetch2.css"/> directives in the <head> of this page.
  5. Go to Prefetch Demo Page 2.